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Exploring New and Rare Mezcals

When we think of mezcal, smoky flavors and aromas come to mind, but smoke is only one dimension of this centuries-old spirit.

We love mezcal for its smoke. It’s also a perfect transmitter for the ancient agave plant, which deserves plenty of appreciation for its versatility! Agave has so much to offer as the base of a spirit, and the flavor of mezcal often depends on what type of agave is used and where it is grown: some strike as salty and savory, others lush and chocolatey. If agave grows at high elevation, it is likely your mezcal will show cool, high tones. A good example of this is the Alipús ‘San Andrés’ Joven mezcal: the Espadín used in this bottling grows at 1500 meters elevation, resulting in delicate floral notes that balance out that waft of smoke.

Mezcal’s smokiness comes from the process of roasting the piña, the fleshy heart of the agave plant, over fire. It’s a crucial step that defines mezcal, and if you’re already a lover of peated scotch, this touch of smoke might immediately have you hooked. Like whiskey, mezcal can also be aged in barrel, pulling out more complex flavors and textures of the spirit. So if bourbon or scotch are your go-to neat pours, consider trying one of the rare, small-production mezcals we currently carry in the shop–we’re willing to bet you’ll find them warming, contemplative, and sippable!