T.O.S. Distillerie 'Artesia' Malt Whisky

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T.O.S. is a small distillery in the heart of barley country in the Hauts-de-France, the northernmost region in France. Hauts-de-France is a diverse region, blending Flemish culture with the influences of generations of immigrants who came to the area looking for work. T.O.S. works with two nearby malters to source the barley for this flagship single malt whisky, Artesia. After a natural, slow eight-day fermentation, the whisky is single-distilled in a copper alembic still, seeing both pot and column distillation. Artesia is then aged in both ex-bourbon casks and new French oak barrels to create an elegant, silky whisky that expresses French terroir but with an elegant shape.

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