Stein Rosé Trocken 2023

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Everything about this wine shouldn't make sense: the list of red varieties that were for decades and decades verboten in the Mosel (Nazi wine law said so), the pale, delicate color, the fact that these grapes can all now ripen properly in the slate-driven soils of this river region, the insane sloped and terraced vineyards on which they're grown - and yet an affordable rosé is being made off of such difficult sites... But the good doctor Ulli Stein insists on giving us always what we didn't know we needed. Herby and floral, dried strawberry and rocks — put one in your car door and one in your fridge and keep them on rotation.

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    Rosé Wine

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    Low/No Sulfites Added


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    Pinot Noir

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Stein is operated by two brothers Ulrich (or Ulli) and Peter Stein in Mosel, Germany. Ulli has his doctorate degree (or his ‘Doctor rerum naturalium’) as a biologist and is a viticulture engineer, while his brother, Peter, is the winemaker.   

The Stein vineyards all have one thing in common—they are not easy to farm. Steep viticulture is difficult (and oftentimes impossible) to use machinery, so the terraced slate vineyards must be tended to manually. All of the vineyards are farmed ecologically and sustainably; there are natural cover crops that serve as habitats for beneficial insects and are mown or plowed to serve as a green fertilizer.