Small Carafe with 2 cups

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Until the 60s in Guadalajara, a charming traditional city in the heart of the land of mariachi and tequila, the doors of the houses remained open all day. Between the street and the interior patio there was a Zagúan, a hall dividing the public from the private, with a table and two chairs, to receive visits from friends and neighbours. On the table you could find a hand-woven napkin, a basket with fruit from the trees in the courtyard and a botellón with agua fresca (water blended with fruit). The cool air of the hall and the clay from the botellón kept the water naturally fresh all day, a great relief for visitors arriving from the hot street.

Nowadays you can fill your botellón with water and some rosemary or mint leaves and keep it on your kitchen table, in the living room or in your bedroom to have a fresh drink during the day or night.

This botellón is wheel thrown by a master artisan in Tonalá, the traditional town in Jalisco, Mexico which developed the original botellones. It's made from a natural clay that the workshop takes from a mountain nearby and filters for around 20 days to create the intense color. Even though it is a very thin piece is very resistant due to the type of clay.


Hand-thrown terracotta from Tonalá, Jalisco.
The bottle is glazed inside so you can easily clean it with hot water and organic soap.


17.2 cm High
14.7 cm Diameter
0.3 cm Thick
1.5 Litres

6 cm High
6.4 cm Diameter
0.3 cm Thick

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