Siemàn 'Doppio Gioco' 2020

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'Tai Rosso' is Venetian dialect for the red grape variety Grenache; Turchetta is an unusual native variety to the Veneto, thick-skinned and bluish-black in color, that used to be much more common around a century ago and now is quite rare. As such, Siemàn named this vintage 'Doppio Gioco,' meaning double game in Italian: referring to how half of this wine was vinified in a carbonic maceration method, while the other half was made like traditional red wine as well as on the stems, or whole-cluster. You can expect a woodsy, crunchy, medium-weight red wine here, with fun garnet and bluer-colored fruits making an appearance. A great selection to swap out for your loved one's routine, always-tastes-the-same grocery store Chianti.


  • Appellation

    Colli Berici

  • Category

    Red Wine

  • Country


  • Grape

    Tai Rosso


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Siemàn is a winery and brewery located in the Berici Hills area in the Veneto region that is run by three brothers Marco, Daniele, and Andrea Filippini.

The name of the vineyard translates to “six hands” in the local dialect, and the three brothers work to be as hands-on as possible in the vineyard—all the grapes are hand harvested.

In the cellar, the brothers try to be as hands-off as possible and will only add a small amount of sulfites if necessary. The wines are certified biodynamically farmed and organic. The reduction of chemicals and focus on nature allows for “the wine glass [to] express all its territorial character.”