Sébastien Babass "Groll n' Roll" Grolleau 2023

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Sebastien Dervieux of 'Babass' is perhaps one of the Anjou's most beloved artisanal winemakers, farming just over three hectares of old vines of local Loire Valley varieties. He's a former musician - hence the rock'n'roll pun - but his earnest, fresh, un-messed-with wines communicate a vigneron very much in tune with his vineyards and ferments. Grolleau is a funny and less common red variety in the central Loire; it can be quite funky, earthen, and almost unwieldly if you're not nice to it. In Babass' hands, the grape is rendered lightly earthen, but with a deeply pleasurable and pure cherry-red fruit and tons of acidity. Groll'n'Roll is maybe our favorite iteration of the grape from the whole region!


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    Red Wine

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    Low/No Sulfites Added


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    Loire Valley

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