Philip Lardot Riesling Trocken 'der Hirt' 2019

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A wine wherein we will plead with you to not misjudge Riesling, and certainly to not underestimate what's happening in the German wine landscape now. Philip Lardot is Ulli Stein's right-hand man; where Stein has pioneered fine, filigreed dry Rieslings for years longer than most others, Lardot is taking things a step further with hands-off winemaking. This top-tier natural Riesling is hazy, yes, but still bears the traditional stony slate imprint of the super-steep slopes in the Mosel where it's from. Lardot is one to watch for the next several years—leave this wine open for a while, sit with it throughout an evening. Worth every penny.


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    White Wine

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    Low/No Sulfites Added


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