Opinel Essential Serrated Beechwood Paring Knife

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A workhorse knife at a very smart price. This is the perfect blade for slicing tomatoes, tough citrus skins, and hard salami. Lightweight and nimble, it would also make a great steak knife.

Started as a pocket-knife manufacturer in 1890, Opinel has since become a household name when it comes to quality, no-frills cutlery. Their name can be spotted in the Victoria and Albert Museum's list of best-designed items in the world alongside the Porsche 911 and the Rolex watch.

The evenly serrated stainless steel blade guarantees an high quality cut without sharpening, and a thin coating on the beechwood handle protects against moisture and food residue.

This is quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.

7.5" length, 3.75" blade

Made in France

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