Oaxacan Black Clay Americano Cups Set of 2

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Handmade in Oaxaca, a state rich in pre-hispanic pottery tradition, the Barro Negro style is one of the most beautiful textures for clay. The workshop takes the natural clay and cleans it by filtering it for 20 days. The clay is then smoked to create the black colour and burnished rather than glazed, by polishing the surface with a quartz crystal until it has a glossy finish with a warm glow. The pieces are then fired in underground pits or kilns, using a wood fire.

These cups are a special gift for your morning espresso, adding a beautiful shine to your coffee. Perfect for a double espresso or macchiato, or you can use them to keep spices, salt flakes or chili, or small dips at a dinner table.


Hand wash with hot water, organic soup and a sponge.
Due to the item's individual production, there may be small variations from piece to piece.


9cm diameter
6cm high

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