Mimurosugi Kioke Bodaimoto 720ml

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Imanishi Shuzo was founded in 1660 in Miwa, Nara, traditional home to the god of sake, and has been brewing its “Mimurosugi" sake for over 360 years with a philosophy of "pure and correct sake brewing." The sake demonstrates a powerful and mouth-filling flavor derived from use of soyashi water - unique to the Nara region's historical Bodai-moto method - and a complex taste and aroma created by microorganisms that live inside the Kioke wooden tanks. It is made in a very traditional and old-school capacity, but it drinks like one of the most modern and handcrafted sakes in Japan. Smooth, soft, and silky, with notes of honeydew, mint and mango, tied together with a rich umami earthiness. This sake is literally once-in-a-lifetime - the profile changes with each release, reflecting the brewing conditions and individual kioke - so grab it while you can!


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