Massimo Coletti 'L'Osigo Boschera' Frizzante 2021

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Massimo Coletti's charming sparkling wines from the area of Treviso in the Veneto do nice work to reclaim the older traditions of col fondo sparkling because industrial Prosecco became all the norm in this region. This bottling is 100% Boschera, a little-known native variety historically found in the northern hilly reaches of the Treviso province. Osigo is the name of the vineyard cru (and village) from which these vines hail, on calcareous soils at around 350m of elevation; in other words, in the foothills of the pre-Alpine ranges. This wine shows unique herbal notes, as distinguished from the often light and fruity Glera; there's depth here that's worth discovering if you want a glimpse at what more foresty, pre-industrial Prosecco might have been like!


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