La Clarine Farm Cabernet Franc 2020

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Hank Beckmeyer and his wife Caroline Hoel of La Clarine Farm use natural methods for making their wines, and were doing so long before it became trendy in California—they got their start in 2001. 'Natural methods' for them means native yeasts, neutral vessels for fermentation/aging, and nothing added except a small amount, if any, of SO2 at bottling. This Cabernet Franc is grown at high elevation (nearly 3,000 feet) on volcanic loam soil in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Temperatures at this altitude are slower to warm up in the morning and cool off quicker in the evening, preserving a natural balance of acidity in the fruit. Classic, delicious Cabernet Franc: fresh, purple fruit, a touch of herbs and green peppercorn, acid in its proper place.


  • Appellation

    Sierra Foothills

  • Category

    Red Wine

  • Country

    United States

  • Feature

    Low/No Sulfites Added



  • Grape

    Cabernet Franc

  • Region


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