Koppitsch Weiss 'Perspektive' 2020

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Alex and Maria Koppitsch are some of the most thoughtful and capable winegrowers in Austria, making pure, transparent wines and doing every step of the process on their own. They have very little full-time help in the vines and the cellar; each bottle represents their own hand labor. It shows: Maria says of this white blend of Chardonnay and Weissburgunder, which comes from one of the best and oldest vineyards in the Neusiedl area: "We wanted to capture this contemplative nature of this wine on its label [as well as in its name]: the night suggests elegance, mystery, depth and even something romantic." Sit with this one for a while as it opens up: it's delicious and a reflective wine, too.


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Koppitsch Wine

Alexander & Maria Koppitsch

Situated in the small Austrian village of Neusiedl am See, on the northeastern corner of the wide, shallow lake by the same name – the Neusiedl – our friends Maria and Alex Koppitsch live, working vines and producing wines under their eponymous label.

Alex’ family has been in this town for several centuries: he has an ancestor Koppitsch marked in the medieval chronicle of the town in 1523; this ancestor also happened to be the mayor and a winemaker. Imagine living in your hometown after your people had been there for 500 years and inheriting the same craft! – it gives one a sense of the scope of meaning possible for these small growers living in this historical green and reedy locale.