Koppitsch 'Homok' 2022

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A soft and salty white wine from the most darling winemaking couple in Burgenland, Alex and Maria Koppitsch. Drawn from a single plot of vines planted between 1978 and 2018 called 'Seefeld,' it's a vineyard that's very very close to Lake Neusiedl. Luminous, light, with nice concentration of fruit as well coming from pristintely-farmed older vines. Lemon curd, salt wash, think aromatic and refreshing in August.


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    White Wine

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    Low/No Sulfites Added



  • Grape

    Grüner Veltliner

    Sauvignon Blanc


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Koppitsch Wine

Alexander & Maria Koppitsch

Situated in the small Austrian village of Neusiedl am See, on the northeastern corner of the wide, shallow lake by the same name – the Neusiedl – our friends Maria and Alex Koppitsch live, working vines and producing wines under their eponymous label.

Alex’ family has been in this town for several centuries: he has an ancestor Koppitsch marked in the medieval chronicle of the town in 1523; this ancestor also happened to be the mayor and a winemaker. Imagine living in your hometown after your people had been there for 500 years and inheriting the same craft! – it gives one a sense of the scope of meaning possible for these small growers living in this historical green and reedy locale.