Kings County Distillery 'Barrel Strength' Bourbon

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Rarely available, the Barrel Strength Bourbon is Kings County’s most flavorful and intense whiskey, accentuating the rich vanilla, cinnamon and autumn spice flavor of their Bourbon. Clocking in at 126-133 proof depending on the batch, this Barrel Strength Bourbon is taken from some of the oldest barrels at the distillery (aged between two and four years) and is bottled at a robust 122 to 126 proof — one of the highest proofs of any American craft whiskey. Not chill-filtered, this is a solid, assertive whiskey that could be sipped over ice or with a bit of water to open it up and show off its distinctive character. The palate is velvety and rich, full of flavors of ripe vine fruit, wild cherry, and dark caramel, with a long and smooth finish.

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