Enoliti Botanici 'Santa Ildegarda' Amaro

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These deeply special elixirs are made by Enoliti Botanici of Sicily, in a little back room reserved for infusions and blending behind a tiny botanical/herbalist's shop in the city of Scicli. These liqueurs are essentially like ancient precursors to amaro and aperitivi—unprocessed, with no chemicals or alcohol added whatsoever. 'Santa Ildegarda' is EB's truest representation of something like an amaro — the domainant botanicals added are rhubarb root, Cinchona bark, star anise, sweet orange, walnut, and vanilla. This is herbal, sweet-smelling, medium-weight and super pretty; it's also bone-dry, so it acts differently on the palate as some of the significantly sweeter amari that have sugar added.

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