Enoliti Botanici 'Berbere Perpetuo' Vermouth

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These deeply special elixirs are made by Enoliti Botanici of Sicily, in a little back room reserved for infusions and blending behind a tiny botanical/herbalist's shop in the city of Scicli. These liqueurs are essentially like ancient precursors to amaro and aperitivi—unprocessed, with no chemicals or alcohol added whatsoever. 'Berbere' is made from a base white wine of a perpetual solera from a natural wine producer friend of EB's, which was started in 2003. This wine can be likened to the spicy, woodsy, deep profile of a Marsala, but with none of the extraction and sticky-sweetness that most of those wines commonly have. Absolute Thanksgiving and Christmas digestif material: highly artisanal and rare.

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