Do Ferreiro Licor di Hierbas di Galicia

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Do Ferreiro’s Licor de Hierbas de Galicia is an herbal liqueur macerated with a selection of herbs that give it its distinctive color and flavor. The base distillate, Orujo de Galicia, is produced from a more than 250 years old vineyard, the source of their famous Cepas Vellas albariño. The low yields of these incredibly old grapevines naturally limit the annual production. Do Ferreiro double distills their pomace in an alquitara, a primitive still most often used in Spanish brandy production, diverting some of this distillate to make the regional favorite Licor de Hierbas. This aromatized spirit comes in at 70 proof and is macerated with anise, savory herbs such as saffron, chamomile, rosemary, and green walnut, and then sweetened with locally grown cane sugar. Traditionally served after dinner as a very pretty and unique digestif.

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