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Alessandra Divella is one of the sharpest young winemakers in northern Italy, crafting traditional-method sparkling wine with no dosage (i.e. added sugars) at a level that's normally just not seen in the area. She's in an appellation known as Franciacorta—Italy attempt's at making sparkling wine like Champagne—but usually wines in this category are sweet, oaky, froofy monstrosities. Divella's work is anything but: cut, driving, refined, with an immensely salty and mineral sheen. One of the handful of best traditional-method sparkling wines being made in Italy right now, and more affordable than equivalent quality grower Champagne. We love her.


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Divella Gussago

Alessandra Divella, at only 29 years old, is working to transform the industrial wine industry in Franciacorta, Italy (located in the Lombardy region). She organically farms 2 hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. All of the grapes are hand harvested and are grown among the natural environment– rosehips and praying mantises can be found between her vines. In the cellar, Divella crafts her wines using traditional Champagne methods. However, her sparkling wines are zero sulfur/zero dosage, meaning nothing is added to the wine. Her techniques result in saline, dry, long-lasting wines.