Distillerie Capitoline N’Amaro

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Distillerie Capitoline, based in Rome, is a micro, micro-distillery operating out of an also tiny but very cool cocktail and beer bar. Led by a chef and a few cocktail nerds, they're producing very hand-crafted and tiny batch spirits that follow the ethos of artisanal wine production. N'Amaro is just what it sounds like -- an amaro named in Roman dialect for the way of saying, 'This is an amaro.' To make it, many botanicals are infused into neutral grain spirit, like licorice root, anise, bergamot, myrtle, and elderberry. Capitoline then adds a homemade lemon syrup, made from crushed Amalfi Sorrento lemons, a touch more of the NSG, and local Roman water. These are all blended in to find the right mix of concentration, bitterness, and a touch of acidity and sweetness. It's an amazing amaro, with notes of sarsparilla, cola, forest, and anise. Amazing with club soda, ice, and a twist of lemon.

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