Cosmic Empordà 'Encarinyades' 2020

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A special wine from Salvador at Cosmic to explore the potential of Empordà's greatest variety, Carignan (or Carinyena in native Catalan). Most folks only know this grape as a red variety, so it's quite special that Salvador chooses to combine it with the small amounts he has of white Carignan and—the very rare mutation—pink or 'gray' Carignan, to see what they all do together. It's why the Three Graces are seen on the label: Salvador says the idea for this wine came to him in a dream, where he saw all the varieties in the Carignan family dancing together. Dark pink in color, immensely aromatic, elegant and fine. Not your run-of-the-mill, goofy light red co-ferment.

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    Red Wine

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    Low/No Sulfites Added

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    Carinyena Blanc

    Carinyena Gris

    Carinyena Noir

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