Clos Massotte 'Ondine' Grenache Gris 2021

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Grenache Gris is a fascinating variety - most people don’t know that, just like the Pinot family, the Grenache family has a “white,” “red,” and also a “gray” variety - which means the grape is a light, gold-green-rosy pink color on the vine. It’s gorgeous to look at, and it’s native to the Mediterranean coasts of southwestern France and eastern Iberia. When it’s macerated gently, by a careful hand, it can produce a deep, deep white wine of intoxicating flowers and fruits, though it’s not a super aromatic variety. Pierre-Nicholas Massotte’s version, called ‘Ondine,’ is romantic, full of lily, melon, salt, green olive, and the feeling of the beautiful Roussillon village in which he farms and works. Gorgeous wine.


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    White Wine

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    Low/No Sulfites Added


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    Grenache Gris

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