Clai Refošk 'Baracija' 2020

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Refošk, or Refosco in Italian, is an Adriatic native red variety; it is dark-fruited and earthy, with soil-driven characteristics and tremendous acidity. Clai is a great natural producer from this coastal wine climate that's little known to the West. In their own words: "Our wine-growing approach respects nature to the fullest and is inspired by the principles of our grandparents. The geographic and climate situation for us is particularly beneficial: the air from the Ucka mountains and the sea air that goes up the river Mirna meet here and create an ideal microclimate. Our principal goal is to enhance our terroir." If you're an Italian red wine person, this coastal Croatian red is a must-try. Clai's Refošk has a lot of the savory, herbal characteristics that make people fall in love with wine from other peninsulas that stick out into the Mediterranean.


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