Caspri Toscana 'Rosso di Caspri' 2019

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Sangiovese like you've never seen it before. This isn't round, supple, "smooth" red wine from the region: it's floral, iron-rich, sultry and stern—the rustic, untamed side of Tuscany. If you're not into rough edges, be aware: but if you're the type who works in garages or likes to make sausage, Caspri's biodynamically-farmed, wild iteration might be for you.


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Fattoria di Caspri

Fattoria di Caspri

Fattoria di Caspri is a 9 hectare vineyard located in Tuscany, Italy. The expert Alsatian winemaker behind Caspri is Bertrand Habsiger, who selected out the Caspri property over 10 years ago when he was commissioned to make natural Italian wines. Before working at Caspri, Habsiger worked as a sommelier in several Michelin starred restaurants.

The goal at Caspri is to make the most natural wine possible, meaning no chemicals in the vineyard and no tilling; his treatments instead consist of hot water with herbs (tea) and cold water with extracts (decoction). In the cellar, Habsiger does not add yeasts or sulfites and does not filter his wines. What Caspri delivers is truly pure and expressive - we love his wines and his methods of getting there.