Beurer 'Rotgut' 2022

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Jochen Beurer is a former BMX champion from Germany in the '90s and a pioneer of biodynamic farming in his home village of Kernen—even though he produces deeply serious Rieslings in his home area of Württemberg, his playful entry-level wines have the same purity and clarity as the rest of his range. Pinot Noir meets native Teutonic varieties Dornfelder and Portugieser—adding spice and a dark streak to the red fruit of the Pinot. You get a lot of wine out of this affordable bottle!


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    Red Wine

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    Low/No Sulfites Added

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    Pinot Noir


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Jochen Beurer

An ex-European BMX Champion making natural wine in Swabia, why not? Beurer winery was founded in 1997 by Siegfried Beurer and is located in Swabia, Germany. His son, Jochen Beurer took over after finishing his career on a BMX bike.

In addition to his pinot noir and riesling, Beurer grows many different medieval varietals, including trollinger, portugieser, cabernet dorio, dornfelder and grauburgunder. His pinot noir, dornfelder & portugeiser blend is playful yet pretty and you should not miss this.