Alessandro Viola 'Note di Bianco' 2022

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Perhaps Sicily's most accomplished natural winemaker of the moment, Alessandro Viola's entry-level 'Note di Bianco' tastes like ocean breeze, warm light, all the fresh grass. It's a beautiful, luminous wine, albeit simple, and a true representation of the special calcareous soils of the northwest of the island. Joyous stuff; one of the bottles we've drank the most of over the last few years.


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    Low/No Sulfites Added


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Alessandro Viola

Alessandro Viola

“Who are we to think we can do better than nature!?"

Alessandro Viola is a Sicilian winemaker that grew up with a curiosity for his land’s native varietals  and developed a passion for the science behind winemaking. After studying oenology and viticulture, he traveled the world to deepen his winemaking knowledge before returning to Sicily.

Viola highlights the unique Alcamo terroir through his organic practices and working with native grape varietals that highlight the beauty and complexity of the land. While sipping on a glass of his wine, you’ll be instantly teleported to Sicily's dreamy landscapes.