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Drink These in Front of the Fireplace

It’s the time of year where cold nights mean fireplaces going—here are bottles to maximize cozy winter feelings.


It’s a hard quality to quantify, coziness, but the tradition of sitting in front of a fireplace, at least in the colder parts of the world, with a friend or kiddo or dog and a drink, is likely the Platonic ideal of what it means to be cozy. We selected the below bottles because they, too, embody this difficult-to-describe feeling: wines that convey a sense of moodiness, wines for reflection instead of cheeky stuff for a party, wines meant for the thoughtfulness of one drinking alone or two people quietly together.


These are bottles that will unfurl in the glass if you give them time and proper air; we also recommend having them in a glass that has enough space for the wines to aerate (no tiny tumblers here, please—aromatics are the star of the show on these wines!) Put on your house shoes/oversized slippers/thick socks and select from one of these meditative wines to accompany staring into a fire while evening grows dark.




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