Utopia Cider 'PLAY ú lalala' NV

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Utopia is Ivo and Eva Laurin, passionate advocates for artisan food and drink wrested away from industrialized, 'denatured' processes. These two make beautiful apple wines and apple-wine grape co-ferments in the Bohemian Highlands of the Czech Republic. In their words, "Forget what you know about cider: undisguised by the usual layers of force carbonation and sweetening, Utopia presents an honest, dry glou-glou experience closer to natural wines rather than conventional ciders." This bottling, called 'PLAY ú lalala,' is a playful collaborative wine they made with fellow natural winemaker Milan Nestarec, using the leftover pomace of his Riesling, Welschriesling, and Cabernet Franc grapes. Like a pét-nat rosé, this beverage is kind of a mind-bending experience, regardless of how fun it is, and it speaks of the future of good wine: not restricted to grapes alone.

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